Teacher training key to classroom success

A recent report by the Academy of Urban School Leadership (AUSL) found that “teacher effectiveness is the critical component in improving student achievement,” writes Brian Sims at edutopia.com. In the case of the 14 Chicago-area “turnaround” schools featured in the report, teacher professional development showed a direct correlation to improved student performance.

These schools used the Danielson Framework, a teacher evaluation tool, to provide specific and actionable feedback to teachers in areas, including:

  • Fostering respectful and caring interactions between teachers and students
  • Building a high-energy culture of learning in the classroom
  • Establishing smooth classroom routines and transitions to minimize non-instructional time
  • Organizing a physical space conducive to learning

ABC Music & Me shares these goals in both our curriculum, which is carefully structured to create this kind of learning environment, and in our professional development. With ABC Music & Me, each lesson begins with a “Hello” song and ends with a “Good-bye” song, signaling to children the start and end of “music time.” Throughout the lesson, built-in transition time helps teachers and children make the most of the learning, as they move smoothly from one activity to another. Our on-site, half-day professional development covers the lesson structure—and tips for lesson set-up—so that teachers can use and practice these transition tools to manage classroom routines more effectively.

Our commitment to early childhood education extends beyond the creation of easy-to-teach curricula. We believe in partnering with teachers to ensure their success in reaching young children. Contact us at info@abcmusicandme.com for more information.


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